AW109 Power Helicopter For SECOM

AgustaWestland and Kaigai Aviotech Corporation are pleased to announce that one corporate-configured AW109 Power light twin turbine engine helicopter ordered by SECOM, the largest security company in Japan, has recently been delivered from AgustaWestland Vergiate plant to Kaigai Aviotech Corporation in Japan where it will undergo final customization. The helicopter will enter service later this summer and will be used to carry out transport duties for SECOM's staff and supplies for BCP (Business Continuity Plan in case of disasters such as earthquake, etc.).
With almost 460 helicopters ordered for both commercial and government purposes from nearly 50 countries, the AW109 Power has set the standard in the world light twin market for various tasks and has become the benchmark for VIP/corporate transport. SECOM selected the AW109 Power for its spacious comfortable cabin, high safety, reliability, serviceability and outstanding performance including its maximum cruise speed of 154 knots (285 km/h), which is typically 20% higher than other helicopters in the same weight class. SECOM's helicopter adds to other VIP/corporate-configured AW109 Powers already sold to customers in Japan. The AW109 Power has also found remarkable success in Japan for law enforcement purposes.
AgustaWestland's success in the Japanese commercial helicopter market continues to grow with strong sales in recent years across its complete product range. Japanese customers are also served with excellent product support solutions to maximise aircraft availability. In April 2008 AgustaWestland opened its new regional business headquarters in Tokyo and sees significant future business opportunities in Japan. Founded in 1962, SECOM was a pioneer in the Japanese security services market and is now a leading provider of security services to both corporate and individual clients in 11 countries, Japan included. SECOM conducts research, development and manufacturing of security systems, installation work, monitoring and provision of security guards.