Delivering Innovation for Britain

AgustaWestland UK is investing £30m in research and development programmes during 2012. This investment will drive world-leading innovation in:

• Conventional helicopters
• Unmanned rotorcraft
• Tiltrotor technology

R&D Programmes:

The Company Research & Development activities spanning 13 different technology areas from design to operations, including:
•     Active Rotor technology (REACT) and the use of novel materials to reduce noise and vibration
•     Head-up Display technology to improve safety in adverse conditions
•     Low Visibility Landing technology in support of UK Ministry of Defence operations
•     Simulation to reduce design time for future products
•     Autonomous systems research
•     Scalable cockpit applications extending All Conditions operations (ALICIA).

University Partnerships in the UK:

AgustaWestland UK is investing £10m with UK universities and has strategic relationships with 15 universities. Newly established University Advanced Rotorcraft Centres are ‘Centres of Excellence’ incubating innovations in helicopter design and performance. The AgustaWestland Bristol University Technology Centre specialises in structural dynamics, vibration mechanics and composite materials while the AgustaWestland Liverpool University Advanced Rotorcraft Centre provides expertise in computational fluid dynamics, flight mechanics and simulation.

UK Collaboration:

AgustaWestland is a Tier One partner of the newly opened National Composites Centre in Bristol. With more than £1.1m invested to date, this centre supports the competitiveness of UK manufacturing through the development of high quality composites.

AgustaWestland is a key participant in the UK Aeronautics Centre – a virtual network of organisations engaged in advanced research. The Company is also working towards the establishment of a National Vertical Lift Centre.

EU Programmes:

AgustaWestland is working within the European Clean Sky Joint Technology Initiative to improve environmental performance within aerospace. The Company is a co-leader of the Green Rotorcraft Integrated Technology Demonstration focussing on rotor blade design, reduction of drag, electrical systems, the use of diesel engines for light helicopters, greening of Air Traffic Systems (flight paths) and EcoDesign of rotorcraft airframes.

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